The Sabbath question

Where shall we gather

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As you consider this material, we ask that you judge it against God's Word, rather than against what you currently believe to be truth. It is commonly accepted that the religious views that people hold to be truth today, are generally always those views which we are brought up with in our particular churches.

This results in two important issues to consider;                                                                                                                       

Firstly, just because we choose to believe something is truth, that does not make it truth. Truth will be truth regardless of what we choose to believe as truth. (Believing that the world is flat, does not make it flat!)                                                                

And secondly; it is only through our current beliefs being challenged, that we will either have errors brought to our attention, or reaffirm that what we already believe is correct.

A Heart for God

Authorship of the Fourth Gospel

Book of Life

Colossians 2


Crucifixion Week


God's Covenants

Gog and Magog

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Keys to the Book of Revelation

Judgement and the fate of the wicked

Mans Choices

Power of Prayer

Pretrib Rapture: Truth or Trap

The Abyss

The Mark of the Beast

The Sabbath Question



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The Narrow Path

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